Henley Reid

An overseas move is a significant change, both in terms of role and lifestyle. We’ll guide you through the process, which includes firm and opportunity selection, remuneration and culture, cost of living and relocation packages.

Making an overseas move is a significant undertaking. It’s a move our consultants are experienced in, having practiced as lawyers in other countries. We understand what it is like to move to another country and practice; it’s not just a change of role but change of lifestyle too.

We have significant relationships with the top tier, magic circle and US law firms across the globe, including London, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East. We understand each location is unique and there are core differences in culture and practice, much of which is not available in the public domain. We take you through a detailed analysis of their differences, as well as anticipated salary levels, relocation packages and guidance throughout the entire interview and offer process.

We want you to be confident you are pursuing the right opportunities and making the best choice, both professionally and personally.

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