Henley Reid

Increase performance, achieve transformation and generate long-term success for your team and firm through our consulting and strategic planning services.

Identifying and then acting upon specific issues within your team and firm is hard when you’re sat on the inside. It could be a negative team culture, issues with succession planning, a team structural imbalance or knowing which levels to successfully recruit at. This isn’t a recruitment challenge per se, but requires strategic planning to ensure the long-term retention and transformation of your team to drive performance upwards.

This is where we go above and beyond recruitment to provide consultation services for you, discussing the direction in which to grow your team, methods to improve team culture and
recommendations on team restructures and reorganisations.

To ensure your team or firm is on track, we also review existing salary levels, bonus schemes and career progression metrics to ensure the long-term retention of your existing team. We consult on the development of recruitment processes and executive coaching programmes to ensure your team and firm is performing at its most successful.