There’s a simple reason clients value our recruitment solutions: they work.

Offering 15 years of legal know-how, and exceptional client and lawyer relationships, we’re rather different from the rest.

About Henley Reid

When Henley Reid’s Managing Director, Samantha Cowling (BA, LLB), was practicing as a corporate lawyer in London in the early 2000s, she noticed a recurring theme within the legal sector.

Law firms and corporate legal teams were achieving transformative business results when they engaged the best legal minds. Yet even after the most exacting recruitment and interview process, high attrition rates were endemic across the sector.

Samantha made the switch into recruitment and executive coaching to resolve what seemed like a costly mismatch of expectations between firms and lawyers. Drawing on her first-hand knowledge of the legal sector’s business pressures, she offers a highly consultative service that aligns the interests of all parties, plus an excellence coaching program that then keeps everyone accountable to their long-term goals.

Her legal solutions firm, Henley Reid, takes its name from some of the places instrumental to Samantha’s growth as a corporate lawyer and specialist in legal talent.

Who do we work with?

Henley Reid’s client base and contact list spans top-tier, mid-tier and boutique law firms and in-house legal teams in Australia, the UK, Asia and New York. Their testimonials are scattered throughout this site. For legal professionals seeking opportunities overseas, we offer an extended service through an exclusive relationship with London and Asia-based specialist legal agency.

Get a clearer idea of our working style through an initial phone conversation or face to face meeting. Henley Reid can give you a confidential, insightful appraisal on the best approach to take.