Henley Reid

We partner with you to identify and develop firm merger and team move strategies. Our deep insights and knowledge of the legal market and the people within it, drive strategic growth for your firm.

Growing your firm is often best achieved through a merger or team acquisition. But it isn’t easy to achieve and must align with your strategic vision. To be successful, it requires the right combination and alignment of sectors, leadership style, culture and vision, and crucially a well-managed merger process.

We have vast experience in consulting clients to not only identify but develop and execute firm merger and team move strategies. Our extensive relationships with senior leaders in law firms across Australia has seen us manage and execute significant firm merger and team acquisitions over the last decade.

Our skills lie in identifying areas of potential strategic growth or areas of development for your firm, and then consulting with you to uncover appropriate firms or partners to fit your vision. We manage the consultative process each step of the way through meetings, due diligence, financial negotiations and securing the wider team.