The legal market is saturated with competition

Does your business have the resources, reputation and negotiation craft to attract the most value-enhancing talent?

Specialist Recruitment

For law firms and corporate legal team, successful business outcomes are closely tied to the calibre of their people. As your partner in uncovering and retaining that talent, Henley Reid takes pride in the integrated approach we take to deliver across Executive Search, Contingency Recruitment and Onboarding.

Firstly, our processes seek to match the strengths, attributes and ambitions of new team members with your corporate values and objectives. We can also then facilitate a plan for professional development, empowerment and retention through our tailored Onboarding and Coaching programs.

Henley Reid acts as your public relations partner in the legal marketplace. We build valuable bridges across businesses and with talented individuals who may not be aware of new opportunities within your firm, or the complexities of your team.

When you draw on Henley Reid’s networks and expertise to uncover top legal talent for one-off and contingency projects, you benefit from high-level assurance in several ways.

Firstly, you gain access to Henley Reid’s valuable industry knowledge and screening techniques. We have significant networks across the legal sector, in Australia and abroad, and draw on a mix of diagnostic methods and open consultation to get the right team fit.

Clients also benefit from Henley Reid’s positive representation of their firm. Not all lawyers wish to move from their current roles, and a meaningful conversation with us will generate profound, positive impressions of your firm and legal team.

Finally, clients benefit from our industry-leading standards of confidentiality and professionalism in every contingency or executive search project.

Case study 2: Clever placement in highly competitive market

A top-tier international law firm required a talented lawyer with strong project finance expertise and three to four years’ post-qualification experience. Problem was, legal professionals in that niche are highly in demand within Australia, and at a stage of their careers where an overseas move is much more attractive than local.
After combing the market, Henley Reid got creative and explored channels the client had not yet considered. We identified a lawyer with remarkable skills and a strong cultural fit, whose suitability to the role was indisputable after our rigorous assessment process. The tough part was then convincing one of the key Partners that this lawyer’s background would deliver the value they sought.

Several negotiations later, we achieved a win-win situation for all. The law firm was delighted to grow their team with such a talented and ambitious new member. Equally important, our lawyer had an exciting new career.

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Specialist recruitment shouldn’t conclude with the signing of an offer letter. Clients benefit from more productive workflows and lawyers deliver results better through thoughtful orientation processes, clarification of responsibilities, integration with the team, and other induction strategies.

Henley Reid has delivered clients immense benefit from its advanced onboarding support. As a result, we now offer this service for clients hiring any level of legal professional – from Partner or General Counsel to junior lawyer. The program includes:

. Executive coaching sessions with the new lawyer monthly, for the first three months

. Discussion around how the lawyer is settling into the firm

. Assessment of goals for their first 12 months

. Action plan supporting these goals.

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Executive Coaching

Coaching is sometimes confused with therapy – but it couldn’t be more different. Coaching stretches individual capabilities, assists with role transitions and uncovers potential roadblocks to progress, which is why it’s being embraced by some of the world’s most celebrated business leaders.

Henley Reid’s coaching program has achieved dramatic, lasting change among its legal client base. Focus areas are set individually, and include leadership, promotion, team building, personal brand and other skills. Firms are fast to see the improved productivity, progression, decision-making and business skills of their new team member, resulting in personal growth and wider business benefit.

Case study 3: Coaching for leadership excellence

One of our senior corporate lawyers was seeking advancement into a General Counsel role, and contacted us for executive coaching to ensure she left nothing to chance. After meeting to better understand this lawyer’s requirements, Henley Reid saw that her skills were more than suited to the role of General Counsel – but that she lacked enough allegiances and personal brand profile across the organisation to get her there. Through a series of coaching sessions, we embarked on a strategic program of actions. These included raising her profile across multiple executive levels and several national offices, over a period of several months. This was supported by monthly face-to-face meetings, and phone calls as needed. The plan exceeded expectations. Our candidate forged powerful connections with several C-level executives previously not aware of her skill and competence. She went from being appreciated as a senior lawyer to being admired as a commercial, capable and independent leader. When the time came to apply for her sought-after General Counsel role, she won it after a rigorous and transparent board-wide approval process.
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